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28th Nov 2012

Azure - Richard Conway

ServiceStack - Dave Hawes

24th Oct 2012

TypeScript - Howard Richards

Windows 8: War stories

28th March 2012

Dynamics CRM 2011 - Dave Hawes

MVVMCross - Stuart Lodge

29th February 2012

Mobile First development - Craig Hogan

Web caching 101: a different perspective - Sebastien Lambla

25th January 2012

Knockout.js - Graeme Foster

Your mobile future - Matt Lacey

30th November 2011

Share One Thing

26th October 2011

Go Asynchronous with C# 5.0 - Liam Westley

SQL Dark Arts - Dave Morrison

28th September 2011

Show and Tell

31st August 2011

Coding for PowerShell - Jimmy Skowronski

27th July 2011

S.O.L.I.D - Nathan Gloyn

SpecFlow - Paul Stack

29th June 2011

Secrets of a .NET Ninja - Chris Eargle


27th April 2011

FluentValidation - Jeremy Skinner

Asynchronous methods in C#5 - Jon Skeet

[Jeremy] [Jon]

26th March 2011

HTML5 - Mark Embling

Rx Framework - Ray Booysen

[Mark's slides and code]

263th February 2011

Show and Tell

26th January 2011

CodeFest 2

3rd November 2010

Ruby for .NET Developers - Andy Pike

RavenDB - Rob Ashton

[Andy's video (on Vimeo)]
[Andy's slides]
[Andy's code]

30th September 2010

Version Control Standoff: Git vs SVN - Jeremy Skinner & Craig Hogan

Cyclehubs - Daniel May

26th August 2010

Real-world Dynamic .NET - Mark Rendle

OpenWrap - Sebastien Lambla

29th July 2010

MongoDB - Craig Hogan

Object Thinking - Alan Dean

3rd June 2010

Functional Alchemy - 10 tricks to keep your C# DRY - Mark Rendle

Windows Phone 7: Why you should care and how to get started - Matt Lacey

6th May 2010

Show and Tell.

25th March 2010

Azure - Marcus Tillett

OpenRasta - Sebastien Lambla

25th February 2010

SubSonic - Matt Lacey

LLBLGen Pro - Dave Hawes

NHibernate - Jeremy Skinner

Castle ActiveRecord - Andy Pike

Telerik OpenAccess - Nick Haslam

LINQ To SQL - Howard Richards

[Andy's slides & code]
[Howards's slides]
[Howards's code sample 1]
[Howards's code sample 2]

28th January 2010

Git & Powershell - Mark Embling

SharePoint - Dave McMahon

[Mark's blog post with links]

22nd December 2009

Christmas CodeFest

22nd October 2009

MvcContrib - Jeremy Skinner

Windows7 - Matt Lacey

[MvcContrib Slides & code]
[Windows7 Slides]

3rd September 2009

.NET 4.0 & VS2010 - Alex Mackey

ASP.NET 4.0 - Mike Ormond

[Alex's book (on Amazon)]
[ASP.NET Slides]

13th August 2009

Virtualization - Liam Westley

Serial Sebs MVC Best Practices - Seb Lambla

[Virtualization slides and notes]
[MVC session full length Video]

4th June 2009

Microsoft Robotics Studio - Alan Broun

OWASP top 10 - Barry Dorrans

[Microsoft robotics studio]
[Owasp top 10]

21st May 2009

Windows 7

17th April 2009

Make Patterns with Patterns - Introducing the MVVM design pattern for WPF (Ray Booysen)

In the clouds no one can hear you scream (Stuart Lodge)

[In the clouds no one can hear you scream]

5th March 2009

Myths of .net (Jon Skeet)

Intro to TDD (Andy Pike)

[Myths of .net]

29th Jan 2009

SQL 2008 (Andrew Fryer)

Open XML (Craig Murphy)

[Open XML]

14th Nov 2008

Windows Mobile (Matt Lacey) WINNER OF BEST PRESENTATION 2008

SQL 2008 (Ian Pettman)

[Windows Mobile]

25th Sep 2008

Search Engine Optimization (Craig Hogan)

[Search Engine Optimization]

24th July 2008

Silverlight 101 (Alex Mackey)
LINQ in the real world (Howard Richards)

[Silverlight 101 - Presentation & Code]
[LINQ in the real world - Presentation & Code]

12th June 2008

SQL Business Intelligence (Simon Pease)
LINQ (Ian Pettman)

[SQL Business Intelligence]

15th April 2008

WCF (Alex Mackey)
Generics (Simon Pease)
CSS tips & tricks (Dave Reeder)

[Top 10 Css Tips )]
[WCF Presentation ]]
[WCF Examples]